Cyprus turtle Conservation

In June 2018 the Muddy Duck team are working with Exeter Marine, the Society for the Protection of Turtles and the Zoological Society of London to document the amazing research and turtle conservation work taking place in Northern Cyprus.

Every year students and staff from British universities have taken part in the monitoring and conservation of marine turtles in Northern Cyprus. Work is carried out at the request and in conjunction with members of the local Society for the Protection of Turtles and the local Department of Environmental Protection. The crucial work taking place on the beaches of northern Cyprus has shown the importance of nesting beaches in the Mediterranean and has resulted in Alagadi beach becoming a specially protected area. 


Video Abstract

This video abstract was created for Nigel Sainsbury at the University of Exeter to promote his paper published in Nature Climate Change. Video abstracts are an increasingly popular way to promote scientific research to a wider audience and increase the impact of a paper.


Life in Cornwall

Life in Cornwall is a series of short films showcasing our love of wildlife in Cornwall. So far we have worked alongside the National Trust following their butterfly conservation work along the north coast and watched dippers feeding in the streams of inland Cornwall. Muddy Duck have also produced a film for the Cornwall Seal Group for them to promote their conservation and seal identification work at conferences around the world.



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